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Enhance foot stability

Sidas Custom Footbeds

Customizable, reduced susceptibility and vibration & enhance foot stability, comfort and precision.

Custom Footbeds from Sidas
Custom Footbeds from Sidas

Add Greater Power on Each Stroke

The shoes that you buy and wear to ride or run in have an internal footbed that is designed to work for an average population without specific fitting requirements. Custom footbeds can improve comfort, fit and therefore performance when you think you might not need it, and certainly offer major fitting and therefore performance improvement when there is a specific requirement.

Custom Fitting

Along with our Bike Fitting motto, ‘we measure, move and improve you’, the same applies with custom footbeds. After measuring and assessing, a structural footbed specific to you is created, most often different from left to right foot, and very different than the general footbed you inherited when buying your shoes. The end result is a more stable interface between you and your pedal, or you and the floor, and significant improvement in comfort inside your shoes. All of these factors gathered together enable the runner or rider to focus on all of the other demanding elements of their training or racing, without the distraction of pain or poor fitting through one of the most important contact points to distract them. Made with you, by us, in front of you.

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Our Sidas Custom Footbed studio is located a bodyy® Healthcare in Milford.

bodyy® Healthcare
Home Farm
Main Road
ST17 0UW


£200 GBP for custom orthotics
£150 GBP for custom moulded riding footbeds

Logo of Sidas

If you are struggling with any aspect of your bike comfort or performance make a booking, we’ll find those improvements.