Measure. Move. Improve.

Bike Fitting

Our objective is simple: to improve performance and bike comfort. We will ‘measure you, move you and improve you’. 

Connecting bike & body

Using traditional methods and having a deep understanding of the range of body movement when ‘attached’ to a bike, we will offer the best advice regarding what can be done to improve your bike position.

In Experienced Hands

Gary has over 15-years of experience in this field and has learned from his own racing career along with meeting other experts from the centre of excellence of bike fitting in Boulder, Colorado. That said, this is not an exact science, and sometimes you just need to ride again and see how the adjustments feel. However, we have a sound scientific underpinning, so will be thinking a lot more deeply than just measuring and hoping there is progression.

Gary is an expert in the science of cycling and can use knowledge gained from a BSc in Sports Science if there is a more complex requirement. But as a guarantee, every contact point between you and your bike will be addressed during your appointment.

Other Vertical Gain performance services include Coaching and Custom Footbeds.


Our Bike Fit studio is located a bodyy® Healthcare in Milford.

bodyy® Healthcare
Home Farm
Main Road
ST17 0UW

Price and Timing

£125 – Allow up to two hours and bring your primary bike and riding kit. You can change at bodyy® Healthcare.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your bike comfort or performance make a booking, we’ll find those improvements.